Bókadómur: Sagan af bláa hnettinum í Bretlandi | The Story of the Blue Planet: reviewed in Books for Keeps


♦ Bókadómar. Sagan af bláa hnettinum eftir Andra Snæ Magnason var að fá góðan dóm í Bretlandi í tímaritinu Books for Keeps undir greinartitlinum „Editor’s Choice“. Hér má lesa dóminn og hér: Books for Keeps. Útgefandi bókarinnar í Bretlandi er Pushkin Press.

♦ Book Review. The Story of the Blue Planet by  Andri Snær Magnason is the Editor’s Choice in this month’s Books for Keeps, an online children’s book magazine in the UK. The Story of the Blue Planet published by Pushkin Press.

“With attractive illustrations by Áslaug Jónsdóttir, which have gained her international recognition, The Story of the Blue Planet has already been made into a play and translated into sixteen languages from the original Icelandic, before finding a publisher here in Pushkin Press, a company newly established with the express purpose of “sharing the very best stories from around the world.” This is an excellent choice to kick off their list. Ambitious and intriguing, it creates a fable whose contemporary relevance will be easily grasped by its intended readers. In its mix of social satire and religious overtones, it reminds me of Wilde’s fairy tales. … there is nothing that I can think of in contemporary English language writing for children that has this kind of ambition.” –  Clive Barnes

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